Regardless of whether you're dating a dusky Emirati, or a foreign national living here, they'll expect you to have a car.

Everyone in the UAE drives, so if you want to be taken seriously by women here you'll need to rent a car for your trip here, but we have some safety notes for you later on - driving in the UAE can be an "experience".

Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but English is still the international language of commerce.

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There are plenty of ATMs in every city of the Emirates, and they do accept most major credit cards.

Debit cards can be problematic anywhere except in major stores, but try to avoid using a debit card if possible.

Don't even risk kissing in the back of a taxi - there have been several cases of foreigners being arrested and imprisoned for nothing more than kissing in public.

Emirati women are perfect examples of the natural beauty which seems effortless for so many Arab women.

There are plenty of places you can go on a date that are free of watchful eyes, but never assume you have complete privacy.

It's almost never the case - even hotel staff have been known to call the police if they think anything "weird" is going on in a hotel room or apartment.

Muslim Emiratis are unlikely to marry a foreign man while still residing there.

It's against Sharia Law, so is absolutely forbidden (haraam) for them.

Public displays of affection are a no-no, so kissing or holding hands in public is best avoided.

You should only be intimate behind closed doors in your own apartment or hotel.

Most foreigners who live here don't do so for any more than about five years, so it's unlikely you'll meet a Swiss, French or American girl who wants to make her home in the Emirates.