What’s more, these ghettos can be terrifying places for visitors, inhabitants and social workers alike.Here’s our guide to the 10 most dangerous neighborhoods in the world.

It’s estimated that 80 percent of the cocaine trade from South to North America is now funneled through San Pedro Sula.

Overcome by poverty, drugs and gang violence, the inner city area of Chamelecón is notorious, even in San Pedro Sula.

The gang intended the massacre as a protest against the reintroduction of the death penalty in Honduras. Image Source Caracas is a deadly metropolis plagued by gangs, organized crime and yet another of the world’s highest murder rates.

Armed robberies, kidnappings and homicides are a daily occurrence, thanks to poor policing, corruption and a plethora of illegal weapons.

Image Source Being a social worker is a demanding profession, but there are some places in the world where it just seems impossible – not to mention life threatening.

Neighborhoods with problems like gangs, drugs, religious conflicts and a lack of opportunities can trap inhabitants in a vicious cycle of poverty and violence.

Image Source Dora, Baghdad has gone from being a hive of terrorism to the scene of intense sectarian violence.

Following the 2003 coalition invasion, the district became a home base for Al-Qaeda and was the site of pitched battles between American soldiers and insurgents.

Today, only 27,006 inhabitants are left in the whole city (whose population peaked at 82,366 in 1950).

On top of the city’s social problems and a shrinking population, East St.

And in recent years, a clash of religions has fueled further conflict.