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Wiseman, who titled his 2004 piece, “No Sex Please – We’re Japanese,” he based his thesis on emerging trends in Japan, one of which was the youth’s lack of interest in sex.

This indifference was made crystal clear, he said, when a national magazine, AERA published its headline saying, “young people, don’t hate sex.” If Wiseman’s observations still hold water, the future doesn’t look very bright for the country’s dwindling birth rate. Could the nakodo be stripped of his profession soon?

If Socrates were alive today and living in Japan, he’d say, “my advice to you is to get married.

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He is therefore free to seek sexual gratification with other women.

In another article we read, however, the Japanese are said to be getting tired of man-woman relationships, and therefore of sex.

Usually they’re just good friends of the parents and want to be able to help in looking for matches.

Although not necessary, some grateful parents or the groom himself may give a nakodo about 10% of the cash gift that he gives the bride to express his appreciation.

Whether Wiseman’s observations were culled strictly from the urban areas or is a general profile of the country, then the community of efforts must mobilize and ensure that the tradition of arranged marriages must not be allowed to languish; nakodas must also try to be innovative and creative in their matchmaking tasks if they aspire to be around for a long, long time.

Even if conjugal relationships are on the wane, as reports would have it, the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of arranged marriages – omiai – versus that of ren’ai (love-based marriages) is very much alive.

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