If results are positive, the woman should contact her doctor, who may do another pregnancy test to confirm the results.

If results are negative but the woman still suspects she is pregnant, she should repeat the home pregnancy test a few days later.

The first test may have been done too early (before the next menstrual period is expected to start).

judge and former Spice Girl Mel B was six months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's child when he left her for producer and TV host Tracey Edmonds.

After Mel gave birth to her daughter, Angel Iris, the comedian denied he was the father, but a dependable paternity test would confirm that Eddie was, in fact, the dad. Once dating gorgeous actress Bridget Moynahan, he called it quits with the star and entered a serious relationship with model Gisele Bundchen. Right after breaking up, Bridget discovered that she was pregnant with his baby, and announced her pregnancy a few months later.

When a menstrual period is late, a woman may use a home pregnancy test to determine whether she is pregnant.

Home pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (h CG) in urine.

After pregnancy is confirmed, the woman’s doctor asks her when her last menstrual period was.

The doctor calculates the approximate date of delivery by counting back 3 calendar months from the first day of the last menstrual period and adding 1 year and 7 days.

For example, if the last menstrual period was January 1, the doctor counts back 3 months to October 1, then adds 1 year and 7 days.