There are plenty of Spider-Man villains born from science messing with people's DNA that they could have used as a contrast of Peter's mutation instead.

Would have saved us from all the narmy "I HUNGER for the plasma! I'm currently binge-watching Marvel cartoons from 80's and 90's (nice thing is that all of them have Region 2 DVDs) and I'm currently 3 episodes into this show's season 2.

It may not be a super deep, dark drama, but it can definitely pull off comedy & drama at the right time and pass off as quality [email protected]_ahmed It was mostly done in LA, with Toronto actors being brought in for certain episodes, usually when the X-Men were involved. Trevor Devall apparently didn't work there until 1998, when production on this show would have been [email protected] Crusher It was actually a fumbled early experience for Trevor.

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Even though CDB had similar issues his voice gets praised while hers is bashed.

I don't mind people thinking she'd be a better Gwen, the voice itself was a pretty natural pick for Mj even if the emotional scenes weren't the best.

I swear that there were times when he wasn't anywhere near a warehouse during a fight, but that scene would be in [email protected] Funk There was gonna be a Season 6, involving Norman returning and the Carnage Symbiote possessing Jack The Ripper in 1800's London but it got axed for I forget the issue, budget problems I [email protected] Depends on what you believe as there are 2 sides to how the series got cancelled. Hell I even made a thread in forums on a series 6 idea.

And yes, I also thought the ending was the biggest kick to the face in a cartoon series.

Also Christopher Daniel Barnes was a pretty rad Spidey.

Underrated, there's reason this was popular, and was ranked one of the best cartoons, and got fans(including me) into Spidey, complain about accents or voice direction if you must, but the cast had a lot of potential, but various things like writing and voice direction ruined it.

Even though this is not my favorite Spidey show (my favorites being the 67 show and Spider-Friends), it's a pretty solid show.

In fact, I do have a favorite episode, which is odd considering this is not as close to my heart as the ones that are my favorites, and that episode is "The Rocket Racer", because it features Michael Des Barres (the guy in my profile pic) as Jackson Wheele, the villain of the episode, and as you may know, I absolutely loved this guy in Mac Gyver, and that's one of the main reasons I love his performance in this episode and the episode itself.

It would be nice to get editing options for the comments on this site.

I'm sure there are reasons for not doing so, but it might keep the comment sections from overloading.

Needless to say, it put him off directors' lists for a few years.