I adored her, but yes, it was very distracting at times (especially when she was eating for some odd reason). She had thighs that can make a mouth water and an a$$ that could not be ignored.I guess I would have to be in the situation to know what I would do. When there's a lack of sleep (which is common with my work/life) and/or there's been a few drinks, it'll drift. This seems to be the case with others as well.killuminautica, that was classic.

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But I'm kind of with the poster who said it would be distracting.

I had a good friend who had one when I lived in Alaska. I did date a girl with a lazy eye and it didnt bother me.

But if she was perfect in every other way, I don't think it would stop me from dating her again. " HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and thats - where my head would be at and i would just burst out in laughter periodically and i'm sure this would offend the lazy eyed one so - i think i'd just avoid it.

We live in a world where people are quite superficial. I'm laughing thinking about it now - um mammmm - do u have any idea what im looking at? Alrite so i'm going to hell...i have a really bad lazy eye, where my right eye leans in towards my nose...people think i am looking the other way when looking at them lmao..glasses and/or contacts fixes the problem......I would date someone with a lazy eye , big ears, one leg or any other thing that doesn't amount to a hill of beans on the important trait list I have.bornyesterday Joined: 4/13/2006Msg: 1view profile Would you date someone with a lazy eye?Posted: 4/13/2006 1103 AM It could be a major lazy eye or a slight one.If the only thing that a great guy has wrong with him is a lazy eye, I think we're in good shapemy ex had a lazy eye that only showed itself after he'd been drinking or was really tired; I loved to wave my hands in the air & shout, "hey, I'm over here...." when it wandered..wonder he's my ex...I can certainly see why people say it's a shallow question.I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with that - everyone has their standards. Mind you i wouldnt be seen anywhere without them because i look riduclous..Well I have a bit of a lazy eye and have had no probs with getting a and telling superficial people who judge people on how thier eye is looking or how small their boobies are to off. But if I had and I would at this age and the way i look I would see if both eyes could match and maybe just maybe I would be more appealing.