When he was still in college, Bill Hemmer became an intern disc jockey for Mama Jazz at WMUB-FM. This was a massive move for him most especially as the station is considered to be America’s first alternative music station. Here, he served as the weekend sports anchor for the station. With CNN, Bill had a very good ride in his 10 years with the station which saw him hosting several shows very important shows like CNN Tonight, CNN Early Edition, American Morning, CNN Live Today, and CNN Morning News.

Because we have something that would prove his heterosexuality and clear out all doubts that you have about him.

The former CNN correspondent has dated women in his past.

In fact he took her to the top of the Empire State building yesterday, and proudly pulled out his cell phone while live on the air, found her picture on his cell phone and forced it in front of the camera for the world to see the lovely Mrs.

future Hemmer.” It further added that his co-host Megyn Kelly “seemed shocked and amazed by stating “that doesn’t sound like you”! I can sleep well now knowing there is no future for he and I!! This letter surely did break hearts of Hemmer’s countless gay fans.

They were seen on top of the Empire State Building, clicking pictures with their cell phones and enjoying a cute little date together.

After the couple’s pictures surfaced on media, it became crystal clear that Hemmer was not gay.

Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer is straight, but you won’t believe how massive his gay fan following is!!

The talented American journalist, aged 50 is both loved and adored by people from gay community.

It was a collection of dispatches, tapes, and photos, that he was able to gather during his travels to places including China, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Egypt, Israel and Eastern Europe.

It was thanks to this collection that the broadcaster was able to return home with two regional Emmys, Best Entertainment Program and Best Host. With the station, he grew up as one of the best and was able to handle many very important reports.

He was in a serious relationship with model Dara Tomanovich.