The facilities include 2 HF rated extraction hoods and one laminar flow hood, Parr pressure dissolution oven, as well as analytical balances and centrifuge.We currently process ~100 samples per year for a number of cosmogenic nuclides, such as beryllium-10, aluminium-26, and chlorine-36, from a wide variety of lithologies, but have the capacity for over 200 samples per year.

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The benefits include development of isotope geochemistry laboratory skills, appreciation of experimental uncertainty, and the participation in preparing one's own samples.

For safety and QA/QC resons it is not possible to allow untrained visitors to prepare their own targets in the first couple of batches.

A Daybreak alpha counter is also available to help determine the concentrations of radioisotopes in sediment.

The laboratory also has an Ortex Micro NOMAD portable spectroscopy system with Nal detectors and an In Spector 1000 high–performance digital hand–held spectrometer for field dose rate determination. Owen The Department of Geology has facilities to prepare sediment and rock samples for Be-10, Al-26, and Cl-36 cosmogenic nuclides surface exposure dating and erosion studies.

Projects that involve computation with available calculators or the development of new models or theory will take longer.

We normally have samples in the quene for all isotopes.These problems include stream incision and sediment flux, fault kinematics and seismic slip history, tectonic geomorphology, glacial geochronology, permafrost processes and ice dating, landslide and rock avalanche research, chronology for archeology and paleontology.We collaborate with researchers at universities and insititutions worldwide, and conduct service work for geological surveys (e.g. These include: sieving equipment; heavy liquid separation facilities; and acid treatment equipment.OSL measurements are made on a Riso Automated OSL Dating System with software-controlled detection and stimulation head (DASH) containing light emitting diode (LED) modules, two filter changer wheels, and a single grain green laser (532 nm).Luminescence Dating Laboratory | Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratories | Quaternary Sediment and Coring Laboratory | Organic Geochemistry Laboratory | Biogeochemistry Laboratory | Stable Isotope Facility for Biogeochemical Research | X-Ray laboratory | Spectral Gamma Ray Core Logger | Ohio Valley Archaeology Laboratory | Court Archaeological Research Facility | Paleoethnobotanical Laboratory | Human Evolutionary Locomotor Laboratory | GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratories | Clay Mineralogy Laboratory | Quaternary Paleoecology Laboratory | MEDArch—Mediterranean Ecosystem Dynamics and Archaeology Lab Director: Lewis A.