Mine is not so much a gripe, but rather a clarification about the term "online dating." I recently read a poignant article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the conversion of a once true believer. For 11 years, the so-called father of web logging (blogging) and online diarists, Justin Hall, was dedicated to documenting his life online. Not only can I read a person's profile on My Space, I can also see all the comments of their Friends.

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With what seems like endless connections of the 90 million plus My Space network, interested daters get more than their money's worth. It's Low Pressure People who meet in a bar are in a relatively low pressure environment.

They might have gone with the hope or intent to meet someone and at the same time, they could easily have as much fun just talking with their friends.

I also appreciate our publisher, Joe Tracy, allowing me to take the soapbox this month.

(February 2006) It’s exciting to be a new member of the team at Online Dating Magazine; everyone has made me feel so welcome.

If they are smart, My Space will pay much more attention to the dating element of the site.

They already have "the data" - now they just need to do something with it.There are plenty of My Space relationships - I know because I've seen them firsthand.My Space has become more than just "a place for friends".So with all of these points in My Space's favor, why are they the premier dating site?You might not like the answer, but I think that's actually a very valuable title to hold.That's very different than say a blind date or a night at a speed dating event, where motives are a bit more obvious.