However, ITIL implementation also risks becoming unwieldy and expensive.

The ITIL 2018 update has more than internal or Dev Ops-based methodologies to take into account.

It also must maintain commonality with the ISO standard on service management, ISO 20000, which is currently in its 2011 version. government's Cabinet Office and private entity Capita plc, is the group that oversees ITIL and that will control ITIL 2018's upcoming release, which is based on research conducted with the global service management community.

ITIL 2018 must also become far more flexible internally -- seven years between updates does not demonstrate ongoing relevance.

ITIL 2018 must address where it sits in the wider scheme of things.

These changes to IT delivery forced many of the organizations that adopted ITIL to either massively adapt it to retain IT service management (ITSM) efficacy or drop it in favor of other frameworks that better meet their needs. Interest in Dev Ops, as illustrated by this Google Trends search data, picked up around the same time ITIL was updated in 2011 and has shot up steadily through the end of 2017.

An ITIL 2018 update could steal IT organizations' attentions again.

There is little detail available about the content of the ITIL 2018 update, which Axelos announced at the IT Service Management Forum USA Fusion event in Orlando, Fla., in the fall of 2017.

This is where the devil might lie in wait: Organizations that seek to adopt or continue using ITIL must read all the details as they come out to ensure that any investment in ITIL 2018 is worthwhile and ready for future developments.

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IT projects are moving away from Waterfall's cascade style of deployment, with large initial releases followed by interim patches and functional upgrades at six- or 12-month intervals.