She was also rumored to be with Scottish actor Douglas Henshall, with co-actor Benicio Del Toro (1995-1996), with American actor-model Dylan Bruno (1998-1999), and with Canadian actor, musician, and producer Keanu Reeves (2004).

There were many other celebrities with whom Claire Forlani was linked-up with.

People meet, they date, some stay HEA, while some move on and find their HEA. Brad Pitt is termed the hottest guy ever and Claire Forlani gives an equal competition to him so when two very good looking people come together, it's a fantasy romance fiction.

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Even if some movies did not fare well at the box-office, roles of this beautiful and talented actress were always appreciated.

Claire Forlani’s selection for the role of Brandi Svenning in the 1995 film ‘Mallrats’ was made after the scriptwriter and director Kevin Smith had unsuccessfully auditioned more than 600 actresses.

She also learned during these nursing years that her mother possessed great acting and singing skills and was quite theatrical.

This ‘beauty with talent’ feels that possibly her acting talents she has inherited from her mother.

We all know about the Brangelina, but FYI even Claire has her version of Brad Pitt hmm.

Claire Forlani married the Scottish actor Dougray Scott in 2007 after he divorced his wife Sarah Trevis.

She was rumored to be in a relationship with actor, producer, and screenwriter John Cusack. Claire Forlani was photographed often with her co-star Brad Pitt during their movie ‘Meet Joe Black’ release (1998).

This was also the time that Brad Pitt was in the phase of the break-up with his American girlfriend and actress and singer Gwyneth Paltrow.

Her parents were quite liberal and open to her joining the Tinsel Town.

Her father, Pier Luigi Forlani originally from Ferrara, Italy, was a manager with an events company. This migration proved beneficial for young Claire since she would now get more acting opportunities in the USA.

1998 - 1998Nothing concrete out there, but they starred together on 'Meet Joe Black' and she's super hot so draw your own conclusions.