For his great music skill, Chris Botti has won the life time award, better known as Grammy award in 2013.

He has also performed in songs of other top music acts.

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"And I always tell them there are only four ingredients: Practice, practice, practice and be friends with Sting." The real story begins with a young trumpeter barely scraping by in New York City and ends with four back-to-back studio albums that hit No.

1 on the Billboard jazz charts, including 2013's Grammy-winning "Impressions." A pupil of the David Baker school of jazz at Indiana University Bloomington, he joined Paul Simon's touring band early in his career and, in 1999, caught a cosmos-sized break when Sting asked him to share the stage for two years.

"I've given up all the trappings that people define as their life's goals.

So I don't have a family, I don't have a dog or a cat or a plant.

Now it was Botti's turn, even if it means living out of a suitcase.

Despite a recent report that jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, 42, was devastated when the 48-year-old perky TV personality dumped him to reunite with her longtime beau, businessman Tom Werner, Botti’s rep insists the pair are still friends – and have never been all that serious. The two had dinner together in New York City the week after she saw Botti, but “they are just talking,” says an inside source.

Katie was formally introduced to Botti at a party and started dating each other.

However, the couple broke up because of their personal differences.

He once bought a ritzy home perched atop Hollywood Hills, but he soon sold it and moved into a hotel in New York City.