In an effort to satisfy "The Joel Test" question #2 "Can you make a build in one step? Build(@"C:\temp\sample.iso"); The command line tool doesn't appear to let you make a bootable CD directly.

", I'm trying to complete a release candidate build script with the creation of a CD iso from the collection of files gathered and generated by the installer creator. However, if you know your list of files isn't going to change (ie only the content of those files), you could try the following (untested): I've used magiciso, but haven't tested it extensivly.

I even created a plugin based on standard plugin structure the guys at Skadate gave me.

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There seem to be many good tools (many free) out there that will create ISOs, but I need to find one that can be run at the windows command line so I can integrate it into the NAnt build script that's fired off by Cruise Control. (I may try some of the others mentioned here after some testing) I first make an installer (single file) then just make this an iso.

Build environment is: Blatant plug, but I've just released an alpha version of an Open Source C# library that can create ISO files. Here's the result of my struggle to get this working in python: My file names were initially too long for Magic Iso and it would choke f_handle = tempfile.

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Here's code demonstrating some of the lower level plotting functions that provide the sort of fine-grained control that you're wanting.

See the help pages of the several functions for even more options.

Despite my severe lack of knowledge, I offer a few suggestions, directionally speaking.