If you don't plan on reinstalling, you can delete these files.

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This topic lists questions or issues that you might encounter when working with Arc GIS Server and suggests possible solutions.

If you don't find the problem you're looking for, you can also search for articles on the Esri Support Center website.

You can view which features of Arc GIS Server are installed through the Several widely used Internet host name specifications have designated the underscore character as nonstandard.

Although Windows allows you to use the underscore in a machine name, it can still cause problems when you interact with other servers and platforms.

As a workaround, you can manually modify the shortcuts to use HTTPS.

Keep in mind that this only applies to local help resources, not content hosted on the web by Esri.

Server directories that you created and registered on your own are also not affected by uninstalling.

When Arc GIS Server is configured to enforce security with users and roles managed in Microsoft Active Directory, it uses the Active Directory Global Catalog to obtain user and role information.

The installation is not automatically logged, but if you run the installation from the command line, you can include parameters that create a log file.