Which work related requirements will apply to your claimant commitment will depend on which group you fit into: Whilst this is good news for those carers that meet the above conditions, carers who fall outside of these conditions (such as those caring for less than 35 hours a week and those caring for someone who is not considered to be ‘’) will have some work related requirements.Such carers are likely to have both a work focused interview requirement and a work preparation requirement.It is therefore important to tell the UC office about any changes in your circumstances as soon as they occur.

back to top If you are making a new claim for benefits, and would previously have claimed a legacy benefit, you will have to claim UC instead if you live in a full service (digital) area and do not have 3 or more children.

If you live in a "gateway area", then from 1st January 2018, you cannot make a claim for Universal Credit, you claim legacy benefits instead.

If you claim UC as a couple you will each have your own claimant commitment.

There are four types of work related requirements which may be included: work focused interviews, work preparation, work search and work availability.

In these areas, you can no longer make a new claim for legacy benefits, and will have to claim UC instead.

The exception to this is if you are in a full (digital) service area, but have three or more children, you will generally not be able to make a new claim for UC and will still be able to make a claim for legacy benefits.

Example: Ms Bennett resigns from her job to look after her daughter, and claims Carer’s Allowance.

Ms Bennett lives in a full (digital) service area and so is unable to claim Income Support as a carer (which is what she would have done prior to the introduction of UC) and has to claim UC instead. From 1st January 2018 you cannot make a claim for Universal Credit if you live in a gateway area. If you are in this situation then you can read more about legacy benefits here.

They might also have a work search requirement and a work availability requirement; however for both of these your work coach can decide that there are temporary circumstances (such as caring) which would mean these would be unreasonable.

You should therefore fully discuss your caring role with your work coach, and cover things such as: Claims for UC must be made online.

Universal Credit is not available until her area becomes a full service area.