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I was really lonely and missed my family and I decided to go to one of the beaches that I frequented as a teenager, to refresh old memories and find a place for dinner.

The beach I visited was very isolated when I was a teenager, and it used to be a great place to take a date to make out.

Now we live in a suburb of Miami that is fairly close to the beaches where I spent time as a teenager.

We are now 38 years old with two children, and I have a great job in the commercial loan department of a bank in downtown Miami.

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This was the first time ever I would be away from the family for so long.

The family left on Monday morning, and I was busy working late for the next three days, finally getting off at a normal time on Thursday.

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The weather and life-style in South Florida is envied by many people, especially those living in the colder climates.

He finished his meal about 10 minutes before I was done, and headed out to the beach.