Here is a bit of information I found while searching for information about my Aria (Ariana) A570 Classical Guitar, which you Aria owners may find beneficial. The manufacturing of Aria guitars were subcontracted out to Matsumoku from 1964 to 1986.

At least for Aria guitars, made by Matsumoku, the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits, thus a guitar from 1979 would have a serial number, such as 79####. It is in rosewood and have the Three of life on the neck and the back is tree pice. I Recently purchased an Aria Flamenco AC150F with superb tone and playability. Looks like the serial number is a small pasted sticker within the larger ARIA label which says handmade in Spain and supervised by Shiro Arai? The model number is faded but it looks like a W to start off. Oh yeah the guitar pick guard has drawings on it on top a butterfly and flowers on the bottom looks like a cutaway shape on the pick guard. No serial number is listed but I found the number 46226 stamped on the heel of the guitar.

System (Tri-Layered Sound Board) and thermo treatment on material are applied to achieve best acoustics.

Aria guitars emerged on the music scene in 1958, with the first electric models appearing five years later.

00258 and Model #A554 Any thoughts you have on this would be appreciated. or more which is the melting point of horse hide glue which all quality guitar bridges are held on with)and if you're lucky no strands of top wood[sound board] came with it. Top of Headstock looks like a Japanese temple with a notch in the middle. I have a PW 70 Three of life, white out any Serial numbe rbut inside the body in the bottom of the neck the number H520126 is ingraved or burned in.

Use only a reputable luthier(for the bridge to"fall" off typically means that it got heated to 150 degrees F. It has the numbers 106544-1, stamped into the heel on the inside of guitar. handmade rosette, ebony fretboard and ebony strip along the back of neck.

For example, a guitar made in 1978 might have the first two digits of 78 or the first digit of 8.

Determine whether your guitar's first two digits are 81 or higher.

It's in excellent condition and I'm wondering if anyone could guess at its value. it is cud have been baut in the US in the late 70 or maybe the 80 ? I was able to locate the serial and model numbers.1st the serial:962669,next the model:5102G! I was also able to find another set of numbers on the neck stock,those are 1014351. Thanks, Jim Campbell I have an Aria guitar that I'm trying to figure out when it was made.

If bits of grain did tear off with it, the ultimate way of restoring it is to replace them[no voids] because you want 100% contact of bridge to top[with grain strands on the bottom of your bridge you might be able to stick it right back where it was] because this is the source of the guitar's tone) as these instruments deserve it. Not sure of age, or maker, could be a Royji Matsuoka? Thanks hello I have found myself a second hand ARIA ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC WITH CUTAWAY The model is an AW-35CE N & THE SERIAL NUMBER IS 68030202 Can anyone help with identifying the year and country of manufacture THANKYOU I have an Aria AC - 8 with a serial number of 29. I Wonder if anyone can tell me a litle about the guitar. Nothing seams to match the numbers on deferent dating charts. My father recently passed away and I was left the beautiful guitar! The serial number is 66106258, and the model number is AWGAGP-2N.

If you cannot locate a serial number, chances are your guitar was manufactured before the mid-1970s.