The silver lining to Aria going back to Rosewood and falling into the Fitz pit is that at least she wasn't waiting for him while she was away.Jason (Drew Van Acker) and Liam (Roberto Aguire) couldn't be more different but they were both success stories compared to the recovering creeping addict she left them for. Rivers pulling each other's clothes off, the Summer of Romance had been curiously devoid of the adult themes that permeated Season 6B.Caleb seemed pretty upset about her cold fry habit.

That'd be in the top 5 worst things this show has done.

QUICK HITS: Who knew that Peter's inability to tell his mistress from her sister would become like a commandment morality play?

The thing I notice is how quickly and efficiently a certain segment of the is burning down all her distractions Not the Ezria faithful. Part of me likes the idea of Alison's (Sasha Pieterse) sexual fluidity.

Not those who are still angry about Wren not being in the hoodie at the end of 6A. One that represents a power imbalance second only to the institutional one between Aria and Ezra. While the show never comes out and directly says that Ali is bisexual, if that fluidity is sincere, it's a well-done representation without labels. Despite the attempt at redemption for our blonde queen bee, both of her stints with Emily have been short-lived and have taken advantage of Em's everlasting crush in order for her to regain some authority.

But do you mind if I roll my tongue into your mouth for a couple minutes before you go?

I believe I deserve some PG-13 prima nocta." watching that one with some judgmental clucking and a telephoto lens.These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.For anyone out there also being affected by these and other hacking and hate crimes - We send our love, support and prayers. Other celebrities victimized recently in this celebrity photo hacking scandal included Rihanna, Meagan Good, Amber Heard, and Abigail Spencer.She also let Ezra fly away to see if he would return, but instead, she now has to best a woman who survived guerrillas to return to Ezra. But it'll eventually contribute to an Ezria happy ending. An ode to the doomed, heartbroken normies on Haleb was one of the least contentious of the relationships. He was never a member of the A Army (that we know of). And while there's still a lot of time on the clock for the rest of the season, and any number of problems could come up between befouling that shag and their happily ever after, the reunion felt more like a permanent situation.Being more impressive than Ezra's philanthropist ex-girlfriend might be a tall order. That is, unless Hanna eats more fast-food leftovers for breakfast. The end of Season 7A brought with it some extra twists to that course and, while watching all reason and logic unspool in that abandoned school for the blind (seriously, I'm worried about the commercial real estate market in Rosewood), let's not forget that one of the OTP couples consummated their relationship, one of them found a new/old obstacle, one might've been saved by a horrific accident, and another could be irreparably damaged by the dumbest BS this show feels is OK to deliver to fans.