To prove it, more and more apps are making it easier to get your sext by incorporating messaging into their platforms.

Reality check time: For the most part, when it comes to communicating these days, we opt for the quickest and most direct way possible.

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Most people in need of help talk once or twice and then find more support and advice at a Gamblers Anonymous meeting.

While we strive to achieve a 24/7 availability the chat is operated by a number of Gamblers Anonymous members and sometimes there may not be an operator available.

Facebook unveiled an anonymous app Thursday, entering an increasingly crowded field of startups offering nameless and pseudonym-only sharing.

In order to set itself apart, Facebook’s version, called Rooms, is designed around old school chat rooms.

Of course, there are issues with anonymous apps; Facebook will have to monitor user safety in an environment where people can hide behind whatever username they choose.

Facebook has worked hard to prevent bullying on its core social network, and Miller says the company is trying to get ahead of any potential issues with Rooms.Miller says that this isn’t the intention, however, and user information is stored simply as a backup for accounts.Miller says Facebook has no plans to create any media partnerships either, a practice that helped Whisper promote its content in the media but that has since led to issues.The standalone app doesn’t require a Facebook account or the use of any identifiable information to participate, and making use of chat rooms was a direct nod to the early days of the Internet when the virtual spaces thrived, an experience that Facebook Product Manager Josh Miller says hasn’t yet translated to mobile.“Our whole thing is creating corners of the Internet for people like you,” said Miller, whose startup Branch was acquired by Facebook in January.(Whisper has since denied the allegations.) Miller says Rooms does not track user locations.