Schumer’s long blond hair is in pigtails and strategically placed over her breasts.

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While there are many sexy pictures, these are the hottest around (that sentence was a way to kill time for you to guess her bra size). ) there are some tasteful Amy Schumer topless pics including the one she tweeted out to some jerk that was harassing her. People have been quick to criticize her for being too fat, but she certainly looks good in the photos below.

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Amy Schumer is one of the best new-ish comics on the scene.

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That's the long way of saying that these are hot pics of Amy Schumer, or whatever.Amy Schumer shared a video of herself in the bath Wednesday as she scrubbed up ahead of an appearance on The Ellen De Generes Show.The comedienne and actress was pictured from behind with her naked back on display as she sat in the round tub.That's right, "the scene." Her deadpan brand of observational humor has made her a hit with blah blah blah comedy nerds blah bleep blorp.Schumer got her big break when she appeared on the competition show .The two funny ladies were joined by their significant others, with Ben tinkling the ivories on a white piano as Kurt Russell joined Goldie and Amy in belting out the chorus to The Beatles' hit Hey Jude.'No one hosts a better sing along than @officialgoldiehawn and Kurt Russell! The group clearly had a very good time as Wednesday morning, the Inside Amy Schumer star shared a pic of herself looking bleary-eyed and wearing a face mask.