In 2008, it was criticized by several critics when in one of its episodes, the collar of the lead investigator, Grant Wilson, was claimed to have been pulled down by an “unforeseen” force three times.Because one of his hands was strangely positioned at his side during the video, critics were led to believe that it was only him who was pulling a string to make his collar move.

In addition, these participants measured their relationship “costs” as much higher than those who did not believe that TV portrayals are realistic.

Relationship costs include feelings of lost personal time and an increased emphasis on a partner's unattractive qualities, explains Jeremy Osborn, study author and assistant professor of communications at Albion.

There was just something about watching awkward or super confident young adults try to navigate the obstacles of the show to attempt to meet someone they clicked with.

I loved the terrible scripted dialogue, relished the extra juicy moments, and couldn’t stop hate-watching the people who were total jerks…

This is the first study to assess how attitudes toward television reveal feelings about one's own marriage, although previous research has suggested that television viewing is related to general perceptions of marriage and romance.

In a study published in 2006 in the Journal of Communication, researchers found that college students who frequently watch romantic-themed shows are more likely than other students to believe that their partners should know their innermost feelings and that their wedding day will be the happiest day of their life.

I felt all these things while simultaneously wondering what in the world I was doing with my time. Who didn’t hate-watch at least one of these insane dating shows?

Here are 12 old reality dating shows that will make you cringe and laugh all at once.

These shows all had the same premise: to meet the “love of your life” (or at least someone cute you could make out with).