Don’t include a survey or anything, just provide an opening for her to mention anything and use that information to strengthen your game.

There’s no reason that adult dating can’t be simple and fun for everyone.

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Sex dating involves a lot of first meetings, and those are a blur of small talk, fear of rejection, and assessing compatibility.

A site without good tools can make it hard to find a match, and you end up relying on trial and error.

What that reputation is, well that’s largely up to you.

If you send of emails calling names, disregarding consent, and only worrying about your own needs, you’re going to get a reputation for being a fuckboy, which is not good.

And when you find that flame, you won’t be afraid to let it heat up the bedroom. Personal boundaries and sexual needs have to match up just right.

There are a few tips for success we can give you though.

Don’t lie about your age, weight, or marital status.

Trust us, a potential match can sniff out any of those three lies.

Chances are the lady you want to hook up with will want to discuss something outside of sex. Instead of saying, “we’re going to…”, ask her if she’d like to do things a certain way.