The first human settlers of the Americas, were Africans who left Africa, followed a coastal route across southern Asia, went down the Malay peninsula, and Island hopped to New Guinea, and from there crossed the 300 miles of the Timor Sea, to reach Australia, this some 60,000 plus years ago.After reaching Australia, they eventually migrated to the southern coast of Australia, and from there crossed into the Island of Tasmania - see map below.

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There is a one in sixteen chance that the offspring will be the exact same color as one of the parents). C, the Albinos returned to India by this same route: though now as invaders (the Arian's/Aryans).

Their return produced the modern population of mixed-race Indians called Hindu. C, the Hellenes and Latin's reached Greece in Europe. C, another Albino group would enter China (the Zhou), destroying the Black Shang dynasty there, thus leading to the creation of the modern Chinese people.

In South America, there are indications of human settlement from 55,000-60,000 years old.

Contrary to the White mans self-serving view, the Americas were not isolated lands: common sense and the artifacts, tell us that there was a constant flow of people into the Americas, and possibly out of the Americas too.

Clues from the skeletons' skulls hint that the people which would contradict the dominant theory of New World settlement.

That theory holds that ancient humans first came to North America from northern Asia via a now submerged land bridge across the Bering Sea.

but another people who came from Southeast Asia and the southern Pacific area.

The question of who colonized the Americas, and when, has long been hotly debated.

A common topic of discussion, is how did ancient humans reach the Americas: as there is currently no land connection between the Americas and the rest of the world.

The closest land connections are the Arctic Bering straits (53 miles wide), connecting the Americas and Asia.

Note: Polynesian is a term that the Albino people have applied to Pacificans/Austronesians who have significant "White Mongol/European" admixture.